About Me

Thank you for visiting Curvy in the City! My name is Erica Michele, the founder of this blog! I am a native Los Angeleno, but have been masking as a Brooklynite since 2005. 

I spent the first half of my career as a high level assistant for agencies and management companies serving Hollywood's creatives.  In 2005 I brought those skills to New York to work for various media company and record label executives. Eventually, I found a niche and also a love in digital/social media and began doing that work for labels and music artists.

Currently, by day I help brands create and maintain sustainable and profitable social media campaigns and properties.  By night I am scouring the city (any city!) to find the best food to eat and cook, the best of history and culture and of course trying to look good while doing it.  Curvy in the City is my unique point of view on city life as a curvy woman.  A curvy lifestyle that embraces the love of my God given curves, city culture and cuisine.

Who Am I?:

  • novice foodie,
  • natural hair lover,
  • hopeless romantic,
  • hip-hop/ soul/ jazz music obsessed,
  • sometimes "brooding" Scorpio,
  • #hashtag abuser,
  • Star Wars nerd,
  • budget semi-fashionista,
  • self proclaimed digital diva,
  • writer and aspiring novelist,
  • beauty product addict &
  • Beyonce addict (don't judge me!)
Curvy in the City is one urbanista's attempt to help myself (and hopefully others out there) remember that:  Perfection is a myth.  Life is a gift.  Embrace your curves, embrace your life.

A few of my #curvyrules:
  • Run this town! Take advantage of all the events, attractions, tastes and sounds cities have to offer!
  • Accept your body for all it’s curves! (and sometimes lumps & bumps& dimples.) 
  • Eat REALLY, really GOOD food! (preferably tasty & good for you.) 
  • Keep on moving! An active, healthy and balanced lifestyle is a key to sustained happiness!
  • Know your worth! (and always be actively seeking to know it!) 
  • Be confident! 
  • Don't judge! (Body image is a issue outside of the curvy/plus size world as well. There is unity in knowing that many of our struggles are the same.)
  • Be a role model! (Walk in the awareness that your behavior influences others.) Your sense of self love, fashion, social and spiritual awareness should inspire yourself & others.