Friday, April 18, 2014

Dinner and a General Tso's Chicken Movie

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I love Chinese food. Like, if you ask me if I want to go for Chinese--even when the answer is no, its really, yes.

Ok, well, let me say that differently, I love American-ized Chinese food, and while my favorite take out order isn't General Tso's Chicken (I am a Orange Peel Beef Fanatic, though), the sweet and spicy dish is a go-to for me at least every 4th order or so.  It's pretty clear that General Tso's fried and sweet deliciousness was cooked up for American tastes, but its ubiquitous on EVERY Chinese menu you find in America, regardless of location is fascinating.

That is why I was completely transfixed by the new documentary airing at the Tribeca Film Festival this month called "The Search for General Tso." Watch the trailer here.

If you are now craving General Tso's chicken like me, you can make your own via this yummy recipe from Saveur or check out New York Daily news' list of the best places in NYC to eat the delicacy.

Would you watch the film? What's your favorite take-out Chinese food item?


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