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Monday, January 25, 2016

On Being Black and Female

I'm tired of it all being our fault
She shouldn't post pics like that
She's fast, he wouldn't have bothered her if she wasn't
She should smile
She shouldn't be too loud
She's way too quiet
She's too (sassy, mean, angry...)
She shouldn't have gone to see him
She knew what was going down by going over there
Why was she even in that area at that time of night
She knew what she was doing wearing that
She trying to hide but I still see those/that (insert body part)
She shouldn't have gone to that party
She shouldn't have been disrespectful to the officer
She shouldn't be wearing that
She should have been more polite when she got pulled over
She shouldn't have had that hoodie on
She is just trying to bring a (insert adjective) man down
She shouldn't have reported that to the (insert authority figure)
She should have known better
Tired of none of our decisions being right
Tired of having to be extra good, extra nice, extra tolerant, extra vigilant
Tired of us wearing the guilt on our shoulders even when we are trying to heal as survivors
Tired ...