Wednesday, November 1, 2017

What's A #CurvyCrave? Soup Season is here - Craving French Onion Soup

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter at Curvy in the City, you've likely noticed that I often hashtag things #curvycrave, so much so I started a separate Instagram account for it.  But, what exactly is a "curvy crave"?

A curvy crave is essentially anything I've eaten, cooked, been made, read, see throughout my week that gives me pause to say "God, that was good", "I want it" or "I need it" or "I gotta go there."  Essentially its my week in round up of the things you've gotta check out from my favorite publications and people online!

Also, I've recently changed my diet - lost a few pounds, cleanse once a week (I turn 40 soon...more on that another time) so my all my #curvycrave's recently (fine, ok ALWAYS) have been food related. Now that it's cold here in NYC I've been craving comfort food. And right now here's what I'm craving - lately. Cheese.Onions.Bread. Heaven, otherwise known as French Onion Soup!

#CurvyCrave French Onion Soup

from Serious Eats

One of my favorite ways to enjoy cheese is melted Gruyere over a classic French Onion soup. Here's a great recipe for you to make this indulgence at home via Serious Eats!

Not in the mood to make French Onion Soup?  Here are my recommendations of great places to enjoy this classic dish!

The Kettle (Manhattan Beach, CA) 
This is the first place I ever had this dish.  The Kettle may be my favorite 24 hour institution in LA. Where else can you get french cuisine with a Cali-healthy twist.  They have a different house-made soup on special daily (the broccoli cheese is reason enough to go) but the onion soup is there daily. Try the perfectly steaming, slaty, onion-y and cheesy version served as it should be in it's own personal earthen-ware crock, in addition to their delicious entrees (pot roast is among my favorites), sandwiches (squab bread, tuna, sprouts and avocado? yes, please) and salads (my cobb salad standards were also set here).

Chez Oskar (Brooklyn, NY)
So, sad that Chez Oskar is no longer walking distance in Fort Greene. But, I am happy they survived and relocated (to my old hood) in BedSty.  They make a perfect classic rendition of most French food and their French Onion Soup is no exception.  Order it (and some fries and a glass of house wine) and you won't even mind that the sun setting earlier and earlier these days.

Balthazar (New York City (Soho))
An obvious one, because they do every French classic so well.  But this is the perfect dish to order at the bar with some pommes frites and enjoy the scene.  Sometimes I like to order it as I wait for a table, which I end up never going to cause I'm usually having way too good a time at the bar.


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